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Miles' Favorite Products & Supplies

Thank you for checking out my recommended products & supplies. It is an honor to share with you the professional tools that have made my job as a Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist much easier. Being a Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist, as well as, a Master Make Up Artist I am passionate about preserving the health of the skin and hair while insisting on quality and versatility in the products I use. The items I have listed are - of course - not the only products or companies I have worked with, however, the specific products mentioned are - in my opinion - the best at what they do. Have fun!

Make Up Artistry

Check out my favorite Make Up Products, Supplies & Tools.

Make Up

Hair Styling

Check out my favorite Hair Styling Products, Supplies & Tools.

Hair Care

Skin Preparation

Check out my favorite Skin Care Products, Supplies & Tools.

Skin Care

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