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Dress The Package

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2019

Dress The Package: What is your Visual Message?

Miles Berdache here to let you know its another beautiful day in Paradise and the perfect day for you to refine your Visual Message…and fully own your fierceness. I can help you do that!

Today, we are going to be talking about your Visual Message - what exactly do I mean by that? Well...your Visual Message is everything people see about your brand - OR the service or product you provide.

If you haven’t seen any of my previous videos - my name is Miles Berdache and I have been a professional Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist for Commercial, Print, TV and Film for over 30 years. I have added my expertise for Visual Messaging to brands such as Náutica, Macy’s, Victoria Secret, The Food Networks “Everyday Italian” and HGTV’s “Find Your Style”, as well as, for many celebrity clients. Now, I am expanding my brand and working with influential women - such as yourself - and educating them on how they can get LIGHTS, CAMERA, FLAWLESS! at a moments notice - without ever bringing in a professional to do it.

In my experience, your Visual Message is defined by 3 categories. ONE - your physical appearance and grooming - Which is my area of genius and we will get to that in a moment. TWO - the Physical Collateral for your business - your business cards, brochures, your ads, your logo. And lastly, if you are doing webinars, video blogs or vlogs, online trainings or demonstrations or simply doing regular live broadcasts - there is a THIRD category that makes up your Visual Message - and that is the background or the set you are working in.

The one question you want to ask yourself with any area of your Visual Messaging, is: Does it make sense with the message, service or product I am promoting?

As you have heard - you only have 7 seconds to make an impression - and your Visual Message - comprised of those THREE categories - is what people are basing their first impression of you on AND ultimately deciding if they want to do business with you. So would you agree that perfecting your Visual Message is vital to the success of your business?

Well, your physical appearance and grooming leads the conversation because that is what people see first - before you hand them a business card or brochure at a network event, before they scrutinize or judge your background or set of your video - they see you. You are the brand - you are the message - of your business.

As my friend Esther Wildenberg of BANK Code says - Dress the Package!. Are you trying to attract 6 and 7 figure clients? Dress the package! Are you marketing to fitness enthusiasts or Upper Management Millennials? Dress the package! Are you simply trying to change mindset and elevate self confidence? Dress the package! It all starts with Dressing the Package!  So, ask yourself, "What is the Visual Message I are presenting to the world?"

Are you ready to level up your Visual Message and feel confident knowing that the image you are putting out is in total alignment with your brand. Are you ready to perfect your Visual Message so that you can start attracting the clients you want to work with? Then lets have a conversation, let me get to know you and your message, take a look at what you are currently putting out and introduce you to how my area of expertise can elevate your message – and ultimately your business.

Again, my is Miles Berdache – your personal Make Up & Image Consultant…and remember - You Do You. I’ll Help You Look FLAWLESS Doing It! Bye for now.


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