Bedroom to Boardroom to Broadcast in 20 Minutes or less

In this 4 video series, you will learn to:
  • Define and align your Visual Message with your brand.
  • The 10 Must Have's to get ready for your close up!
  • Top 5 Mistakes women make getting camera ready.
  • Go from Bedhead to Beautiful in 20 minutes or less!
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With over 30 years of experience in Make Up and Hair Design, Miles Berdache is requested from coast-to-coast for a flawless, polished style and an exquisite attention to detail.  A former graphic artist, whose work has spanned multiple disciplines in print, film, stage and commercial artistry, Miles melds in his craft a penchant for perfection with a passion for fresh, innovative styling.  And as a licensed Esthetician, Miles is dedicated to the health of the skin and the idea that beauty begins from the inside.

Whether working with celebrity or commercial clients, Miles’ success is derived from the ability to tailor his creative vision to the unique essence of the individual and he is known for leveraging a classic, timeless beauty whether natural or avant-garde.

With 3 decades of experience, Miles Berdache has mastered the ability to show you how to get “camera ready”, yourself, align your Visual Message with your brand and captivate audience engagement from Bedroom to Boardroom to Broadcast.

Video One: Define And Align Your Visual Message

In Video One you will learn how to define your Visual Message and how to be sure it is aligned with your brand, as well as, your target market. This is your chance to captivate audience engagement and be sure your message is fully delivered to your ideal client.

Video Two: Top 10 Must Have Tools And Supplies For Camera

In Video Two I will share with you my Top 10 Must Have Supplies and Products I am never "on-set" without. You will learn the perfect duo for quick touch-ups, simple solutions for fuller, sexy hair, and the #1 trick I use to protect make up during application.

Video Three: Top 5 No-No's Women Are Making On Camera

In Video Three I discuss the Top 5 Mistakes women are making on camera with their make up and hair. I will share why I am not a fan of "trendy" styles for your Visual Message, why and when "less is more" doesn't work and the #1 goal of make up for camera.

Video Four: How To Get Camera Ready In 20 Min Or Less

In Video Four we will tie a giant bow on this Visual Message Training and help you "get ready for your close up". I will show you how to create a quick, simple, timeless make up look so that you can go from Bedroom to Boardroom to Broadcast in 20 minutes, or less! 

""Wardrobe, Make Up & Hair are the first impression that you have of a person before they open their mouth - it really does establish who they are.""

Colleen Atwood
Award Winning Costume Designer

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