Relieve-Dry-SkinHealthy and beautiful skin is a sign of good health and overall fitness. Being the largest organ of the human body and the most visible aspect in one’s physical appearance, having glowing, vibrant skin is a natural asset many of us wish to achieve.

The thing is, there are myriad of hindrances that can prevent us from glowing in our optimum. The food we eat, the lifestyle we live, and environmental conditions can make our skin dry, dull, and rough. Who wants dry, flaky, unattractive skin? Nobody right? There are a few simple solutions and with a little dedication and vigilance to your skin health, here are the 4 clever ways to beat dry skin and show your natural glow.

1. Understand the cause of your dry skin. Once you identified where your skin problem is coming from, it will be easier to find solution. Often, the causes of dry skin are:

  • Winter weather
  • Heat
  • Long, hot showers or baths
  • Harsh soaps that strips the skin of moisture.
  • Sun exposure
  • Skin conditions

2. Apply the fixes religiously. It will not take you long to find out what causes your dry skin. Do not give your skin a chance to age fast. Look for fixes and be serious in applying it. If it’s winter that gives you dry skin, then get a humidifier. If its sun exposure, then apply sunscreen before going outdoors. If your skin product robs your skin with moisture, then stop using it! Many of us know the solutions to these little problems, but only a few do the right thing to bring out good results.

3. Choose the right skin care. The right skin care is an essential to protect your skin.  I offer Dermalogica Professional Skin Care and can show you how just a few key products can repair and shield your skin against damage. If you don’t have time for a full Skin Therapy and Analysis, come in for my complimentary Skin Bar and experience the resullts before you purchase. You know that different skin types require different solutions, and nothing can beat expert guidence.

4. Start from within. Eating right, drinking lots of water, and getting all the right nutrients is vital to good health. A healthy diet, makes a healthy you, and a healthy physicality reflects in your skin. Start from within, but don’t only start. Sustain it!

You can achieve your best beautiful by taking the first step to care of your skin. Do not let the harmful environmental factors take you down, together we have the power to beat it!

Stay beautiful!

-Miles Berdache: Skin & Body Studio