click pic for full descriptionTired of “Spa” Manicures & Pedicures that aren’t much “Spa” and very little lasting results? My Signature Waterless Treatments are about to change everything you think a ManiCure or PediCure should be. And I promise you have never experienced relaxation like this before!

Why Waterless? Did you know that most bacteria enter the body through the soles of your feet? Did you also know that the “salts” they but into your Pedicure bowl actually strip the skin of hydration? By eliminating the water in my Hand & Foot Treatments I also eliminate the risks associated with water-borne bacteria, increase your skins hydration levels and save California at least 12 to 15 gallons of water per Pedicure.

Don’t think you have sacrificed total bliss by eliminating the soaking process. I use hot towels for all product removal and most of our Waterless Treatments can be done from the comfort of my heated massage table. You have never experienced a Manicure Pedicure like this before.

With that said, its easy to see how my Signature Hydrating Waterless Treatments are a win-win for everyone. And as always, every Treatment is customized and designed to maintain optimal health and nourishment to the skin and nails. All Therapies and Treatments involves a combination of my signature:

Aromatherapy, Professional Cleanse & Exfoliation, Nail Shaping, Signature Massage, Callus and Cuticle Grooming, Customized Moisture Treatment, Sun Protection and Cuticle Oil.

Rather than provide a menu that focuses on the problems you are experiencing, I wanted to have a more simplistic approach that focuses on the results you would like to see and the optimal health of your body.  Each treatment is offered in a 30min, 60min and 90min appointment, allowing you to have better control on how much you can comfortably invest without adding unnecessary stress.  You can expect:

30 Minute 60 Minute 90 Minute

Treatment focused on immediate needs of skin and nails.

Full Treatment focused on result, includes massage.

Full Treatment Includes additional mask and longer massage.

After every Body Mapping Skin Analysis, your customized Mani~ or PediCure Treatment will target one or more of the following:

Happy Hands & Feet Therapy

Do you have regular Mani/Pedi services and only require regular maintenance? My Signature Basic Therapy will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Paraffin Treatment – add-on service $5
Feeling dry and rough around the edges and your cuticles need some additional TLC? Take it to the next level with a warm, super hydrating paraffin masque.

Peppermint Sea Mud Treatment – add-on service $5 – $10
Fight overworked, tired or fatigued hands and feet with this ultra revitalizing masque therapy. Its like a power nap for the arms, legs, hands and feet.

Callus Control Treatment – add-on service $10
Remove bothersome, rough and sometimes painful calluses with this targeted treatment. Customized softening serums prep your problem areas for a more gentle elimination while the removal process promotes cell renewal for baby-like skin.

Deep Exfoliation Treatment – add-on service $5 – $10
Resurface overly dry, chapped and scaly skin with this 30% Lactic Acid exfoliation treatment. Skin is brightened and smoothed while prepping it for maximum absorption of moisture leaving you with healthy silky skin.

Sea Mud Treatmentadd-on service $5 – $10
Tone, contour and detoxify the skin with this Nourishing Thermal Sea Mud. Natural clays draw out troublesome toxins while essential oils help tone and nourish the skin while wrapped in a warm, soothing cocoon promoting deeper results.

Skin Calming Treatmentadd-on service $5 – $10
Reverse the signs of aging and target dry, sensitive or irritated skin. An intense thermal wrap dedicated to stimulating circulation, providing antioxidant protection and feeding your skin with the nourishment it craves.