click pic for full descriptionMy Body Treatments are designed to serve and worship your inner Goddess! As with all services, these customized Therapies are 100% YOU, each one intended to bring and maintain optimal health and nourishment to body and skin, all while targeting specific concerns and repairing depleted skin. All Therapies and Treatments involve a combination of my signature:
Aromatherapy, Dry Brush Pre-Exfoliation, Body Mapping Analysis, Prof. Strength Exfoliation, Personalized Touch Therapy, Targeted Serums & Masques, Ultra Hydration and Protection.

Rather than provide a menu that focuses on the problems you are experiencing, I wanted to have a more simplistic approach that focuses on the results you would like to see and the optimal health of your body.  Each treatment is offered in a 30min, 60min and 90min appointment, allowing you to have better control on how much you can comfortably invest without adding unnecessary stress.  You can expect:

30 Minute 60 Minute 90 Minute

Treatment focused on immediate needs of skin.

Full Treatment focused on results, includes mini massage.

Full Treatment from Exfoliation to Body Mask. Includes mini massage.

After every Body Mapping Skin Analysis, your customized Skin Treatment will target one or more of the following:

Body Polishing Therapy:
Is your body looking dull and dehydrated? This Mineral Salt Scrub polishes skin to a soft glow, feeding the skin with the nourishment and hydration it craves, while essential oils help stimulate and invigorate cell production.

Body Brightening Therapy:
Looking a little blotchy or uneven? My Body Thermal-Foliation is perfect for whisking away dryness, brightening skin and reducing the appearance of sun damage. Skin is silky smooth and healthier than ever.

Body Calming Therapy
Start to heal dry, irritated and sun damaged skin with this intense Thermal Power Recovery treatment. This soy based thermal wrap is dedicated to stimulating circulation and providing continued antioxidant protection.

Body Detoxing Therapy:
Time for a little detox and body contouring? The Nourishing Thermal Sea Mud treatment draws out troublesome toxins and essential oils help tone and nourish skin all while wrapped in a warm, soothing cocoon.