Watermelon ShakeHere are 3 simple and super yummy recipes that can help combat dry skin.  I created these delicious ideas as a Gluten and Sugar-free option so feel free to enjoy the Avocado and Vegetable recipe or the Egg Salad recipe alone or on your favorite lettuce blend…the Egg Salad is also incredible on Gluten Free Bread.  Bon appetite!

1. Avocado and vegetable mixture

The Avocado is naturally gifted with plenty of nutrition and body friendly fatty acids.  What does this mean for dry skin?  The fatty acids or fats in avocado help to rejuvenate your dry and scaly skin into a more moisture balanced skin, but this cannot be achieved without the help from the rest of the vitamins, which are also packed with-in the avocado.  The other ingredients – potato, tomato, celery/parsley – are also incorporated with an enormous amount of vitamins, minerals and especially antioxidants. Antioxidants can help to remove all the external factors negatively affecting our skin as well as internal body factors.  This further helps prevent the wrinkles that may develop and supplies plenty of water to the skin directly.  All these ingredients act as an internal mask to our skin and help it to be moisturized and well nourished.


1 cup Avocado

2 medium size boiled eggs

1 medium size boiled potato

1 medium size tomato

½ cup chopped red/white onion

1 cup of parsley /celery leaves

Pepper powder to taste



Cut the eggs and potato into small cubes.

Cut the tomatoes into small cubes.

Chop the parsley leaves.

Mix eggs, potato, onion, tomato and parsley leaves.

Add the salt and pepper. Mix it nicely.

Add these mixtures to the avocado and mix thoroughly.

Serve it hot.


2. Cool egg salad


1 cup canned corn

2 small cucumber

½ cup chopped onions

1 medium size carrot

2 eggs scrambled

1 teaspoon of flax seed and almonds





Cut the cucumber and carrot into small cubes or any shape you prefer.

Add the corn, chopped onions, scrambled egg.  Finally, add the almonds and flax seed. And give a nice mix.

Then add salt and pepper.

Mix thoroughly and serve it with hot green tea.


3. Watermelon shake


250 g seed remove watermelon cubes

2 tablespoon  protein powder or Greek yogurt




Blend all the ingredients to a creamy consistency and serve it cold.


Stay Beautiful!

Miles Berdache: Youthful Skin Institute