I am honored to offer Oncology Massage and Oncology Safe Spa Treatments here in my Skin & Body Studio and you can read a more detailed account about the benefits under the “Treatments” tab.  In March 2013, I began training under Isabel Atkins in the only state certified 300 hour comprehensive Oncology Massage Program in Davis, CA. and I completed the program in October 2014.  I have since also completed a 24hr class in Scar Tissue Mobilization. In August 2013 I helped create the Oncology Massage Program at Enloe Cancer Center, providing Reflexology Massage to patients in the Infusion Room and started the ONCOLOGY MASSAGE FUND on GoFundMe as a way to continue offering Oncology Services on a sliding scale here in my Studio.

Oncology Massage is still considered an “alternative therapy” and is not covered by any insurance, so the cost is out of pocket for cancer patients and you can imagine the financial burden that this could create for some. I hope to relieve that burden for as many people as I can by keeping this fund active and flourishing.  And with your help, we can make that happen!

It is my first goal to reach $5000 and I am already at $670.00.  This little corner of my website will serve to show the progress of the Fund, how much of it has been used and show some heart felt Testimonials from clients who are very appreciative that this Fund exists for them.  Please donate what you can a:

GoFundMe.com/MassageFund4Cancer and check back often to see the progress of the program.

Thank you,
Miles Berdache


FUND CREATED – January 2015                                                                                   Balance $650

January – June 2015 – 6 Clients were able to use the fundTOTAL USED $195 – Balance $455

July Contributions – $20 in Donations – THANK YOU!                                                 Balance $475





When I first met Miles I was deep into stage 4 bone cancer, had 3 broken ribs, a shattered sternum and a back that was broken in two places. My Lymph system had ceased to do its job, causing swelling in my legs, and I couldn’t put shoes on even if they would have fit. I had been advised not to have massage due to the danger of breaking more bones. I had heard of Oncology Massage-something none of my doctors had yet heard of- that offered a lighter touch.

Since I was still awaiting test results no cancer treatments could be scheduled. As a man of 5 foot 10 and a half inches tall in 2013 weighing 145 pounds life was good. Now in 2014, I was 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighted 105 pounds, using wheel chairs for the most part and canes or crutches when I could stand the pain. My muscles had tightened around the injuries so tightly, for many months, that they could not relax.

Sessions with Miles not only relieved my swelling, he also was able to get the muscles to relax without any additional broken bones. I have to credit Miles with helping me to endure and live until I could get Radiation and Chemotherapy.

Miles is able to charge on a sliding scale, due to an Oncology Fund he started and you can imagine, since I wasn’t working anymore, I was destitute, needy, and embarrassed that I couldn’t pay for services that I felt were saving my life. The Oncology Fund made it easier for me to maintain my pride, pay what I could and receive regular sessions. I encourage everyone to contribute to his good works and tell others about this natural cancer relief. I also want to thank those of you who have contributed on my behalf and the behalf of others in my position.

-Kevin R. Baker



I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2003. My treatment history included Chemotherapy, a double Mastectomy with 11 Lymph Nodes removed on my right side, Radiation and a failed Breast Reconstruction surgery. All of this left me with severe adhesion’s on the right chest wall, which lead to excessive pain in my upper right torso and jaw. I have had traditional massage in the past that was horribly painful to the point of tears so I had given up on any hope of Massage as an option for pain reduction.

Miles being a long time friend of mine asked if I would participate as a Massage subject in the Scar Tissue Mobilization class he took and of course I was hesitant as well as skeptical. I can honestly say today that I am grateful for his persistence because I am now a believer in the power of Oncology Massage and the immediate effectiveness I have experienced with the Scar Tissue work. From the very first sessions I felt an improved range of motion, decreased stiffness in my jaw, neck, chest and shoulder area and the over all pain I have is no longer debilitating. But more than that, I now have hope for the possibility of a pain free future without medication and I feel like I am finally on the path to emotional recovery.

-Martha Threewit



“I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer at age 30. Not knowing much about cancer, the first few weeks where very life changing for me and hearing I was going to have a life long journey with it was very overwhelming for me and my family, to say the least. I was first diagnosed with it being in my right breast then quickly learned that the cancer had moved to my ovaries and most of the bones in my body.

 I started chemo within days of being diagnosed and really didn’t know what to expect.  I went 17 weeks straight, every week, for the first rounds of chemo and was having major hot flashes, nausea and bone pain. Also an overwhelming anxiety of what just happened in life.

 I had been told that I would not be able to receive regular massage due to the toxins that are released and the potential to overwhelm my already compromised immune system. Then one day while sitting in chemo, which is a all day thing- most of the time lasts for at least 5 hours- I was introduced to Miles when I was at the Enloe Cancer Center, where he offers the most amazing foot massages while patients are getting chemo infusion. During our visit together he educated me about Oncology Massage and its many benefits and I immediately made an appointment to see him for a full treatment.

 I would say that I was really impressed by the whole experience with Miles and how he approaches and treats you as a client. First he welcomes you into an environment that is so relaxing. Then he goes through a very thorough intake process that involves detailed questions about every step of your journey with cancer: when you were diagnosed, what medications or surgeries you have had, what the out comes have been, what side effects you’ve experienced and if they are still occurring. It sounds like it would be horrible, but it left me confidant that I was in good hands and that I was going to see results. And I did!

 On a constant basis I have serve bone pain, muscle spasms, nausea, upset stomach, hot flashes, mood swings, bowel problems, foggy chemo brain and I am not able to sleep at night. But when I came out of a my first massage not only were all those side effects gone, I also felt more energized and I got the best sleep ever for the next few days.

 Currently I am back on chemo for the 3rd time and have been seeing Miles as much as I can right now while my kids are home on break. I truly think that Oncology Massage is one of huge factors that plays a role into why I am able to do chemo for so long. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Miles you have done an amazing job on putting some normalcy back into my life.”

-Shyla Allen



“My name is Laura and I am a 19 year survivor of stage 3 Breast Cancer. Because of the multiple surgeries I underwent along with radiation therapy I have residual chronic and pervasive lymphedema. I also have extensive scar tissue that is incredibly painful.

I met Miles 3 years ago when he was just starting in the Oncology Certification Program, he has since completed, and have been working with him ever since. From our very first session Miles quickly identified the areas I needed help with and I even felt an emotional release that I hadn’t realized even existed.

With a history of Deep Tissue and more aggressive styles of Massage, the Gentle Massage and Acupressure Techniques were foreign to me. Even the MLD massage I had received in the past was more firm than what I was receiving with Miles, but I have to admit that the results I am getting surpassed any of my precious experiences.  With each visits I notice that I have more energy, less mid day fatigue, much better and deeper sleep habits, and an over all vitality that I haven’t had in the last 19 years.

The MLD Massage has greatly decreased my swelling, pain and discomfort and the Scar Tissue work has begun to gently break up old scar tissue.  Before my first session, I was unable to turn my neck and my left side was becoming frozen. Now, I have full range of motion and considerably less pain.

Most importantly, I have gained an acceptance of my cancer experience; the trauma, sadness and loss, as I have begun to embark on an emotional healing through my experience with Miles and Oncology Massage.  I feel this work has validated my physical trauma, through the process of healing the trauma, and as such, I am more trusting and sure of myself as a breast cancer survivor. Thank You!”

-Laura Long